Recap: ICO Speaks AMA with EURST

Recap: ICO Speaks AMA with EURST

Recap: ICO Speaks AMA with EURST

EURST has quickly been gaining momentum in the crypto space, and more and more people are becoming a part of their active community. However, some still lack complete understanding of the prospects of EURST as it is a relatively new concept.

To remedy this, this week on August 26th, EURST’s COO Marieta Genova and Simone Mazzuca, the Founder & CEO of Wallex Bank, were a part of an AMA with ICO Speaks on their Telegram Handle.

In the ‘Ask Me Anything’ event, Marieta and Simone talked in-depth about the project and attempted to clarify as many doubts as possible. The event started with an introduction about EURST from Marieta:

“We created EURST with the vision to fill the gap in the market for a reliable institutional euro stable coin.

The work behind it started one year ago when we gathered the best in the fields of smart contract development, audit, and legal framework, in order to create EURST.

What’s EURST? It is a euro stablecoin representing a value of 1 Euro which is asset-backed with US Dollars, and held in custody in a Fed account and live audited. EURST is here to serve as a bridge between the traditional financial system and the digital crypto space, as a reliable digital currency.”

After the event started, Marieta answered several questions, such as “What makes EURST different than the other stablecoins?”

EURST is a euro stable coin that, unlike most other stablecoins representing the value of a US Dollar, aims to serve the market as a digital Euro currency. Also, the legal framework and engineering behind the coin and its reputable live audit system ensure that the amount of EURST in the market is always backed and transparent, which adds to its reliability factor.

Another interesting question that surfaced was, “In the last few months governments and regulators are sanctioning one by one different crypto businesses — exchanges, wallet providers, and others. How do you ensure that EURST will stay on the market?”

The legal framework and engineering behind EURST with its KYC requirements make the company a legal and reliable financial product. EURST works with a fully licensed prime custodial that holds the funds backing EURST. Also, all funds are live-audited by a reputable accounting firm in the US to ensure that EURST is always supported and will not fail.

Moreover, EURST is 100% transparent and reliable, has passed through a security audit, and has a full legal framework in order.

“Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progress and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you started this project?”

Marieta replies: “Yes, as the cryptocurrency ecosystem needs EURST more than ever. Also, European central banks are starting to discuss how to build the digital euro, and we already have the right way. Our legal framework and engineering pave the way for EURST to succeed and not fail at a crucial time.”

Another essential question that Marieta answered was, “What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?”

Marieta replied that EURST is working on its marketing aspect and showcasing its capabilities to the traditional world by gaining their trust using EURST’s reliability and relatability to the fiat euro with the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

This concluded the AMA with ICO Speaks — the full AMA can be found here. EURST has always proposed complete transparency, and AMAs are an excellent way to get the word out. Stay tuned for more similar updates.



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