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Our stable token for beta version is currently also available on:

You can store your EURST tokens in any digital wallet which supports ERC-20 token.

We work with a technological system that releases one token every time that one euro is deposited, and burns the same token every time that euro is withdrawn. This ensures a complete stability of the token, by not allowing any kind of volatility and keeping the value of the token to 1 euro.

We are making a pre-sale before going public where we guarantee 5% bonus on those who bought EURST before the 5th of July 2020. Store your EURST in your wallet and we will then publish a specific section where users will send us their wallet and we will automatically send you the 5% bonus on your EURST token.

You can use it just as simply as your normal currency with the advantage that you will have faster and easier transfers and lower fees. Open an erc-20 wallet by one of the online provider you will find and start buying EURST.

You can spend it by using debit card provided by www.wallexcustody.com, www.tokash.io or any of the payment gateways who accepts EURST. Open an account through their structure and you will get a debit card with which you can spend your EURST anywhere in the world.
We have one segregated account that collects all the liquidity deposited where our technology is connected in order to mint and burn tokens based on deposit and withdrawal. The live audit widget is updated every minute showing the amount of mint token and the amount of fiat deposited in the bank account.

You will have your own savings deposited into a segregated live audited account. Compared to any standard bank account you can get by your bank, this way of storing is much safer. There are no banks that show their balance and whether their liquidity is entirely in compliance with all the deposits made. Full transparency is the guarantee that the EURST token gives you.

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